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We highly suggest talking off your jewelry before any rough handwork and before showering, ensuring and preserving the quality of each piece. 

Will my jewellery get tarnished or lose colour over time?

All plated jewellery does lose a bit of it's colour over time. However, if maintained properly, this is minized to a large extent! Also, remember to always wear your jewellery AFTER spraying on any perfume, lotions, body oils, cosmetics as the alcohol content in the perfumes erodes any sort of plating. It is also recommended to keep your jewellery away from water.

Best way to storing my jewelry? 
When you are not wearing Mango Barn Jewelry, it should be stored away in a dry place possibly in its original box this will prevent tarnishing and scratching. . Excessive heat and humidity and cleaning agents may cause discoloration and affect the finish of the jewelry. 


Best care instructions to preserving jewelry:

   Preserve your jewelry’s plating properties by avoiding contact with cleaning agents, beauty products, water and chemicals. 
   Remove jewelry prior to exercise or swimming. 
   Protect your jewelry by storing your items in its original box. 
   Clean your jewelry with a dry cotton cloth to renew its shine. 
   Natural gemstones can be fragile. Do not use tissue or paper towels to clean your gemstones as they can cause scratching. 

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