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About Mango Barn

Mango Barn by Raman is a San Francisco based handcrafted, fashion jewelry line. Mango Barn jewelry is inspired by many things including Yoga, Meditation, Mythology, Architecture, Cultures, and People.  

The name Mango Barn came very organically, as Mango remind me of my childhood growing up in North India where its the fruit of the summer.  

Mango Barn pieces are made of good quality that will last long time. Our pieces are made in Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Korea, and India.   


Mango Barn believes in giving.  Our company donates a percentage of sales to the Kheri Ashram which provides Education, clothing and daily life necessitates to children and elder people left on the streets. We want to be able to touch lifes and provide opportunities for those in need.  

Mango Barn has been a dream for many years and every single piece sold on Mango Barn is carefully selected. 

My biggest love for  jewelry came from India and Colombia where I fell in love with everything from art, architecture, culture, colors, and most important the jewels.  (Stay tuned to see more hand made piece come from these two amazing places).  

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